Central Bohemian Uplands – trip advice

Central Bohemian Uplands – trip advice

Central Behemian Uplands (in Czech Ceste stredohori) is situated in the North Bohemia and not far from Prague. You can drive there from Prague via Slany using the R7 motorway. Ceske stredohori are extinct volcanos and the nature reserve nowadays. A lovely view of these hills you can have from the so called Krasna vyhlidka (Beautiful View) in Peruc between Slany and Louny. This view was a favourite place of the Czech poet Svatopluk Cech. A view of Central Bohemian Uplands from Hvizdalka and Sulec is reflected in my two small paintings, oil on paper with textile structure, 17 cm x 20 cm.

Stredohori 2 oriznute

Stredohori oriznute

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