// She was always fascinated by colors

Jana has worked in various occupations ranging from translator to management positions. Jana has always been fascinated by colours and by nature. Its limitless variety and ingeniousness brought her to drawing and painting. She developed her skills by attending classes at the Praga Prima and the Malba a Kresba in Prague, as well as taking courses in Italy and England with the StIves School of Painting, where she continues to study. For Jana, painting is an opportunity to stop time, get centered and become focused. She feels fulfilled when her paintings bring people relief and joy. Common motives for her paintings are landscapes and flowers. Jana sees painting to have limitless possibilities just like the boundless variations in nature. She uses more traditional techniques like acrylics, oils, watercolour and ink; however she is interested in various media and experimentation. In the time being, she paints mainly with watercolours and ink.

She organises watercolour workshops for both groups and for individuals. She likes to help people eliminate obstacles they usually have as for painting and discover their painting style. She accepts painting and drawing commissions.She is an author of workshops „Art & Fun“, the aim of which is to open and to develop peoples´s creativity using simple painting and drawing methods.

Exhibitions and other events:
July 2016 Exhibition Paths (collective exhibition), M. D. Rettigová´s gallery, Všeradice
March 2016 Exhibition Garden of Dreams (as a special guest), Mánes Exhibition Hall, Prague
November 2015 Exhibition The Stories of Colours, Dobeska Gallery, Slany
September 2015 Unilever Brands Creative Excellence Awards, London
May 2015 Exhibition Flowers On Barricade, Café Barriqada, Prague

Photo: Kateřina Husárová